Safety is at the heart of Red Classic and the guiding principle in our daily work and our long-term planning. We continuously implement and improve processes that support that obligation.

Driver Training

During our drivers’ first day of driver orientation, we instill safety and emphasize “everything we do at Red Classic is geared toward helping you be safe and successful.” Our drivers participate in a “Training Continuum,” which begins with a comprehensive and challenging driver orientation and continues throughout their career with focused, proactive training that is preventative in nature.

This training is successful in part due to the efforts of more than 60 Certified Driver Trainers. They have exceptional driving and performance histories and dedicate themselves to working with our drivers to help ensure they are safe and successful, providing unparalleled customer service to our valued clients and going home safely to their families every day.


The Red Classic tractor fleet has an average age of less than three years and is equipped to enhance our drivers’ comfort and safety. Enhanced noise insulation and upgraded driver seats reduce fatigue. Automatic transmissions eliminate 500-600 shifts/day, allowing drivers to focus more attention on the road, especially during turns and on ramps. 

All our new Mack Anthem tractors include the Bendix Wingman Fusion Collision Mitigation System. The Fusion system provides the most comprehensive set of in-truck, active safety technologies to support our skilled drivers and assist them in maintaining control when unexpected events occur, augmenting their safe driving skills. 100% of our fleet has the Bendix system installed, and our trailer fleet has an average age of seven years.


Red Classic is committed to maintaining safe, efficient and fully operational equipment for our drivers, customers and the motoring public. Along with our drivers, this accountability relies on our skilled and highly trained maintenance technicians. With a career path at Red Classic that is skill and proficiency-based, our technicians receive initial and ongoing formal and on-the-job training to help them succeed, while ensuring our tractors and trailers meet all DOT requirements and driver and customer expectations. Our Maintenance facilities provide the leadership, equipment and support that make it all possible.


“Safety Comes First” applies equally to our Brokerage division. All Red Classic carrier partners are initially vetted and constantly monitored with the assistance of two third-party partners – Registry Monitoring Insurance Services (RMIS) and Carrier 411. Working with these partners, our Carrier Compliance Team continuously monitors active carrier partners to ensure they are FMCSA-qualified, insured and safe, making real-time decisions if a carrier’s authority or safety information changes.

Safe Driver Programs and Awards

We also celebrate safe drivers through various programs, Bendix Zero Hero (drivers who go 12 months without a preventable Bendix event), Most Improve Bendix Driver, Annual Safe Driver Awards, Safety Champion of the Month, and Safety Champion of the Year. We have drivers compete at Truck Driving Championships to showcase their skills, and our safe drivers qualified us to be in the running for the American Trucking Association’s Presidential Award and we placed 2nd in 2020 and 2022. We also have maintenance technicians who compete in the Top Tech Challenge.